About us

We are an innovative European company that provides a collaborative solution to the recurring problem of increasing administrative burden imposed by compliance standards and regulations. As such, we have developed a B2B information and services network that is both collaborative and open, and which allows companies to share legal documents.


Our aim is to connect companies, simplify their day-to-day business and secure customer-supplier relations at a European level. Our ambition is to develop a “once for all” solution and enable companies to share their up-to-date administrative documents with customers across Europe; once and for all.

By developing a new interoperability standard that interconnects existing platforms from different countries, we propose a true “Once for All” solution for all contractors aiming to do business with European public or private entities.

Simplify the process between clients & suppliers

Save time for business

Reduce cost

Bring trust

Promote business networking & interoperability

Reinforce security

From “many to many” to “onceforall”

Our cooperation proposal


Our proposal for Coopetitors

  • Co-build an innovative solution supported by the EU.
  • Stand out by integrating interoperability and a worldwide scope.
  • Unite to protect and increase market share.
  • Belong to a collaborative community.


Our proposal for majors  

  • Secure and strengthen customer and supplier relations.
  • Open up to new local and European markets by reducing administrative constraints and language barriers.
  • Belong to a community with common values and the aim of developing an innovative solution that creates value for all.
  • Reduce the workload related to managing administrative documents.



Our proposal for sub-contractors 

  • Freely choose your interoperated platform.
  • Centralise administrative management: one single folder on one single platform. 
  • Join a network that is specialised in its area of activity.
  • Reduce cost by saving time.

Facts and plan

Germany & Spain
Germany & Spain


Renaud Sornin


Rémi Demont

International Director

Laurent Sarrat

IT Director

Marie Klein

IT Manager

Aude Genin

Business Developer Spain

Michael Schneider

Business Developer Germany

Ezaline Decombe

Junior Project Manager

Gloria Lopez Montiel

Development Assistant Spain


“We want to help businesses become more competitive by reducing non-core tasks. We achieve this through value-added services that are made possible by world-class technology

Today companies are hampered in expanding beyond the border by focusing on a single market, sector and country. We are convinced that many of these obstacles can be overcome through standardization.

To make the market more open, flexible and efficient at the European level, it is our plan to bring everyone together – competitors, suppliers, contractors and the public sector – through an open standard.

We cooperate with all market participants to achieve this goal.”

Renaud Sornin, Founder and CEO of Attestation Légale




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Mail. ezaline.decombe@attestationlegale.fr



Tél. +34 (0)914 211 444
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Tél. +49 (0)221 9865 5380
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